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Building the new mobile internet.
One card at a time.

Wildcard is a seamless replacement for the Internet on your phone. Our vast library of cards delivers the mobile web faster than any browser, with the richness of native apps.

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Wildcard gives you the performance of the best native apps, with the breadth of the entire Internet. Never wait for another web page to load on your phone again—with Wildcard, finding what you need is faster, easier and more app-like than any mobile browser.

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Wildcard gives brands a single-solution card strategy for Twitter, Google, Pinterest and hundreds of other apps where content is shared most. It’s the most efficient, most effective way to give customers the leading edge mobile experience they demand.

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iOS Devs

Say goodbye to disruptive web views. Our SDK gives you elegant, inline card experiences that enhance engagement and delight your users - with a minimum amount of effort.

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If you think immense challenges are fun, and you appreciate sitting next to fantastic people who take deep pride in everything they do, this is an environment where you will be happy every day. We build out of a sweet loft in Soho. Brown bag lunches and tech/design talks are the norm. We differentiate on people, not snacks and other trivial perks. This is where you come to work amongst the best. Apply for one of the open positions below and then hold onto your hat…